Does God Still Hear Our Prayers?

Absolutely. When we as His children pray authentically and with a heart of humility; when we pray for His will to be accomplished in our lives; when we pray honestly for more understanding of Him, He does. When we pray with a pure heart and pure motives, he is inclined to listen and

He promises this in his holy scriptures: “And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything ACCORDING TO HIS WILL he hears us. – 1 John 5:14 (ESV)”

Now, you may not receive the answer you imagined, but to be fair, you should realize by now that God and His work within us is unimaginable. It’s unfathomable. His ways are not ours (Isaiah 55:8-9), so how could we expect a sovereign God – who knew you before the foundation of the world was ever formed; who knows your TRUE needs – to answer your prayers according to YOUR will? He doesn’t, and He won’t.

Truth be told, He cares little about your will, and entirely about HIS WILL FOR YOU. He doesn’t just want you to be happy – he wants you to be Holy…and oftentimes His answer points you more toward Holiness than Happiness. In fact, often times his answers can make your flesh miserable, and we have a hard time accepting it as first-world, societally-entitled christians.

Brothers and Sisters, decades of false teachers, poor exegesis of scripture, and heretical theology has leached out among us unbiblical thoughts and idealizations about the very practice of and expectations from prayer. Our laziness in thought and in practice of studying God’s Word has hampered many people’s ability to tell the difference between shepherds and wolves, and it has effected our knowledge of the biblical understanding of prayer. Our society, in it’s ignorance, has created an illusion as to how to communicate to and ask from Him who graciously allows us another breath. Many of us now expect God to work on OUR terms – to answer OUR prayers according to OUR expectations of need and desire. And when He perceivably doesn’t meet our expectations, we begin to question Him and struggle with our faith. In the words of one faithful pastor, our society has created a “Santa Clause God” instead of the sovereign, Holy God that He really is. Such an image of God is a mockery of His very name and nature; is a product of satan, and is heretical at every angle. I plead with you dear friends to re-examine your understanding of prayer if you find yourself hurt by these words.

With that being said…I still stand firm in saying that yes, God does in fact hear the prayers of His children. I’ll go further in saying that God ANSWERS the prayers of His children, but please note that His answers may not be what you expect. However, the more you seek knowledge about God’s very nature and His will, the more you’ll start noticing answers. You’ll see the hand of God move; you’ll be thankful for His answer – even though it wasn’t what you were expecting.

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